Professional Task & Time Management


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Nowadays we face time issues more than earlier, as tons of information overwhelm us daily through many channels. This program will help not only to manage our tasks and time as the traditional time management courses do, but it also provides a reliable system to handle these challenges, while enabling us to be more efficient, highly creative and stress-free at the same time.

OUR CURRENT WORK STYLE differs very much from how we managed our work a decade ago; now the tasks and duties are far too flexible and often unclear, we need to cope with constant changes and huge information flow, and with too many distractions. The “old-fashion” Time management courses do not provide a solution for these new conditions.

WE NEED A SYSTEM THAT IS FLEXIBLE ENOUGH to meet these new challenges and which saves us more time than it takes to operate it. A system that we can rely on, and therefore we don’t need to keep everything in our mind and thus can become free and fully open to the present moment and to new things, what are in front of us. Our course is based on and derived from such a system, the Getting Things Done method (GTD) developed by the American author, David Allen.

PARTICIPANTS WILL GET TO KNOW some quick wins they can immediately use, become familiar with 4 key principles that alone make us more effective and relaxed. We also learn the system that is very comprehensive and thus – those who decide to implement it fully – will enjoy how it puts order in our heads, helps to prioritize and accomplish our tasks in time and in a stress-free manner. We even start to implement a few steps that allows participants to try this system out and see how it works in practice.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to establish and maintain a highly  efficient  time and task management system, which may bring more success for the individual and higher results for the team and the organization.

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